John Devaney
Summer ParkBeach ReaderWreck of the Swan BoatUnderwater ClinicUnderwater Clinic  detailUnderwater Clinic  detailUnderwater Clinic - detailBrushpile- StormHarvard Square with Hadzi (right detail)     The Pit - Harvard Square The Plough and the StarsHarvard Square Frieze  -  detailTwo Painters, IIAuction in a Green RoomAuction in a Yellow RoomAuction in a Yellow RoomAuction of the Jade Bunny - detailSelf Portrait in Studio with Pear and BroccoliAugust FerryUntitled (Ferry in September)detail of Unitled (Ferry in September)Tossing PenniesFerry with ZouaveNight FerryFerry with Car from Yaddo - detailEarly Morning FerryEmbarkation for he MainlandAt the BeachThe Last Beach DriverJasmine, MiacometRed MuseumMuseum - CavalierSwimmer with MelonRed SwimmerSwimmer (Daphne)Swimmer with GridSwimmer (Chinoiserie)Swimmer (Plunging Hog)Swimmer (Nureyev)Merganser with PearGoddess of the HuntWinter - Sanford FarmsCar from YaddoSomerville
Earlier work